UberTags is the tag management system that’s easy to use, easier to implement, and flexible for mid-market and enterprise needs.


Intuitive Tag Dashboard

See all your tags running across your web and mobile sites–with all the most important information at your fingertips. It’s your tag command center.

Launch New Tags In Minutes

No more waiting weeks to get a tag live. Simply log into UberTags Administration Console, add the code snippet and choose the pages where you’d like the tag to fire. Welcome to marketing agility.

Easily Get The Right Tags To The Right Pages

UberTags makes it easy to deploy tags wherever you need. You can reuse previous pages or create new ones with ease. For advanced sitations, you can use Regular Expressions to serve tags based on keywords, URL patterns, and query strings.


Speed Load Time


Testing conducting in September 2012 using nine common tags hard-coded versus served via UberTags. The A/B test ran over time using multiple browsers to reduce the impact of any single browser or tag from skewing the results. The nine tags were Google Analytics, Google Adwords Conversion Tracking, Bing/Yahoo Conversion Tracking, Google Retargeting (Retargeting), KISS Metrics (Analytics), Crazy Egg (Heat Map Analytics), KISS Insights (Survey), SnapEngage (Chat), Adroll (Retargeting).

UberTags drives down your page load time by loading and executing your tags in parallel instead of one at a time. The more blocking scripts you have, the more opportunity there is to shave load time using UberTags. The impact? UberTags drives your conversion rate and improves your customer experience.

Tag Expiration Dates and QA Environment Support

Drive Operational Efficiency


Stop tag proliferation! UberTags has optional tag expiration dates that offers a method to ensure tags don’t fire forever. This is helpful for vendor tests and to synchronize with vendor contracts.


UberTags innately supports deploying to Test Environments to fit within enterprise QA processes. Except, when ready, deploying to production only requires checking a box instead of a big code release.

Workflow & Permissions

Empower others to add tags; but retain control and accountability of quality. That’s a tough ask, but UberTags delivers:


UberTags has a sophisticated user management capabilities coupled with a roles-based permissions system to ensure that quality stays high as responsibility is distributed throughout an organization. UberTags also includes a full audit log of all tag change activity across all users on the account to aid in documentation and troubleshooting.

Stay Hyper Organized

Even if you manage a large portfolio of sites across numerous countries, UberTags can keep your tags organized and easily accessible.

UberTags designed a customizable tag classification scheme that drives real-time tag search and filtering. That means you can find any tags in question in seconds.



Full Audit Log

See the full change history across all users and tags in your acount. Export it to use for documentation requirements or utilize it for solving issues in record time. UberTags’ audit log is just one more way that UberTags drives your operations.

Works With All Tags

UberTags was built for tag compatitiblity. Some tag management systems were built for advertising. Others for analytics. Some don’t let you use A/B testing tags. Others require modifications of many tags. Others don’t allow tags that use document.write in the tag. Some can’t render content to the page. UberTags has hundreds of tags in use and works with virtually all tags.